Welcome to Splendid Weddings and Events, your key to a beautiful stress-free wedding. Splendid is a boutique wedding planning and design firm in the city of Chicago founded by Certified Wedding and Event Planner, Sandy Alvarez. We specialize in wedding planning, design, and coordination services. We are known for our unique and fresh approach to planning; we provide high-quality work, a practical and effective planning process, and a one on one experience.

Sandy has been working in the event industry for more than 13 years, her mission is to present a contemporary twist to traditional event planning and to provide modern couples the exceptional one-on-one service that they deserve while creating their tailored and beautifully designed events that are carefully planned and executed.

At Splendid we help our clients to achieve this and much more through our extraordinary creative process, our extensive knowledge of weddings, and the trusted network of talented and experienced event service providers, so you can rest assured knowing that your wedding is in good hands. With our utmost commitment, professionalism, and hands-on experience we can plan, design and create your beautiful, unforgettable splendid event.

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Sandy Alvarez

Founder, Wedding Planner, and Designer

Hello beautiful, I’m grateful and thrilled you’re here!

I’m Sandy, I consider myself a down to earth professional who values her clients. I believe my bridal couples deserve a one on one luxury experience, a practical and joyful planning process, a tailored and beautifully designed event, and a well executed, blissful wedding day.

I have been involved in the event and hospitality industry for more than 13 years,  I have a degree in Arts and I’m a Certified Wedding and Event Planner from Indiana University. I also graduated from a floral design school in Chicago and continue to take business, planning, and design courses in an effort to provide the best service and value to my clients.

My background as a corporate planner and catering manager is what introduced me to the world of events. While I enjoyed the fast-paced environment and organization of corporate events, I wasn’t able to offer clients a personalized service and fully exercise my creative and social personality, which is part of my essence. I knew I could offer my clients the personal and professional planning service that they deserve, so I took the leap and opened Splendid Weddings and Events in 2009. Planning weddings was a career where my love for people, organization, and creativity could be perfectly married.



More than 13 years of experience in the event industry and excellent vendor relations will translate into your splendid event that is efficiently planned, creatively designed, and perfectly coordinated to the highest standards and professionalism.


Easy Process

We work closely with our clients to ensure every aspect of their event is planned with ease. With our smart planning tools and excellent organizational and communication skills, you will enjoy a stress-free experience.


Creative Design

With our creativeness, eye for design, and attention to detail we will produce the wedding of your dreams taking your vision and inspiration into reality to ultimately deliver a unique design and style created just for you.

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